Monday, August 15, 2011

The Main Attraction

The main attraction of this summer circus of events is our waterfront site here at the Pt. Hudson Marina in Port Townsend, WA.  It provides us with the most spectacular views; an ever-changing marine parade of sailboats, power cruisers, ferries to and from Whidbey Island, naval warships and nuclear subs loading/unloading at the Indian Island Ammunition Depot, and a trio of cruise ships en route to Alaska.

Perfect evening for a sail

Clouds & driftwood provide photo fodder
 We're parked at one of only two "dry" campsites, meaning there are no hookups for water or electric, for a full two weeks at $20 per night.  With this water-front panoramic view we are guaranteed lots of visits from  friends stopping by for a few days or just a few hours, and lots of folks meandering by to stop and chat.

A great evening with John & Bonnie (from Chimacum)

Dalya & Paul come for 4 great days

The second best feature is the old Victorian town of Port Townsend being a short walk away, providing us with great restaurants and shops, plus the Rose Theater where we recently saw Crazy, Stupid, Love with Paul and Dalya.  We walked into town with John and Bonnie for the very best hamburgers and an authentic chocolate soda at the Nifty Fifty's Diner, and of course, we have been known to drive 10 miles or more for an ice cream cone at the Elevated Ice Cream Co.  Now we're just a short walk away!

Nifty Fifty's Diner
Wednesday evening and Saturday morning features the uptown Farmers' Market where we stock up on "just picked" raspberries, blackberries and blueberries, organic veggies and the yummy goods from Pane D'Amore bakery in uptown.  I also came home with a bouquet of flowers.

Pane D'Amore bread & goodies..yum!

Flowers for the mobile casita
Oops..Have to stop for now.  Family and friends from Sacramento have arrived for a week's stay.   Steph and Gary with dogs Maci and Riley are here in their motorhome with friends Jim and Laura staying in a nearby hotel.  Our good times are ongoing!

One final note before we part for a few days....After much deliberation and changing of minds regarding our tall ship cruise in November, the check has been mailed.  With the recent exorbitant repair bills and uncertain market conditions, we had practically talked ourselves into cancelling.  However, we are seldom practical!

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