Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Terri with baby Daniel!
Sixteen years ago, June 1st, grandson Daniel was born in Sun Valley, ID.  We were parked at the hospital in Sun Valley in our old Dolphin RV awaiting his arrival.  We had just started our full-time nomad lifestyle, leaving Half Moon Bay on March 1, 1995, after a major storm had passed through with hurricane-force winds.  I remember, we were parked at the Half Moon Bay State Beach, where we just parked to meet the newest grandson, Damien...Daniel's younger brother.  My, how life goes full circle and we're available to be wherever it takes us!

Daniel, Terri & Liliana on Mother's Day

Meet Daniel today; a really smart kid, great grades, good athlete, poor communicator, typical teenager!
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