Thursday, June 30, 2011

Friends & Food

We love our motorhome and entertaining but sometimes we enjoy access to a very nice, large kitchen where we can bring and prepare food for our friends in their environment, comfortably shall we say.  We spend a fair amount of our 'family time' here in Petaluma where we are now blessed to have our own friends.  We met Phyllis and Bruce in the Elk's Lodge at a 4th of July shindig coming up on 2 years ago.  We connected and have stayed very much in touch ever since.

We decided to keep it simple and brought over some steaks for the grill, my yummy bleu cheese dressing to go on Phyllis' fresh garden greens, potato salad (from Cooking Light), and fresh, white corn on the cob, also cooked on the grill.  Phyllis graciously offered her finest Viansa 2006 vintage merlot, provided the best of Sonoma/Marin County cheeses, and a delicious chocolate cake for dessert.  Bruce, on the other hand, provided entertainment.

So after a wonderful dinner, Bruce brought out his guitar and shared his latest ditties, soon hopefully to be available on  Honestly folks, his lyrics are brilliantly catchy and his voice so Willy-like!  One tune was his rendition of the Christmas classic, Grandma Got Run Over By a Raindeer, only in Bruce's inimitable fashion and words!

I got to thinking, so many of our friends have followed their passions to a professional level;  Marty on his 3-D Radio broadcast, Suzanne for her Girl Beat movie production, Beth for her geneaology and family history with gourd art thrown in for good measure, and Bruce for his music and lyrics.  Then there's Betty Prange and her photography classes at Yellowstone NP aboard the Yellow Bus, and Soozii, my Facebook friend from Australia's art.  And the many blogs I follow which can be viewed along the right side of this page provide really good reading and photos.  Talent abounds!
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