Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grand Times & Medical Stuff!

Annie at Dillon Beach

Entertaining Annie, the grandlab, is easy.  A trip to Dillon Beach for a few hours of chasing a ball and a sea gull or two, swimming in the surf and having her people nearby makes for a happy puppy.  The scenery is spectacular and the day is perfect and the camera is in hand, batteries charged, card inserted!
Entertaining Christina, the 4 1/2 year old granddaughter takes a bit more imagination.  On a walk through downtown one day Howard and I spotted A Likely Story, a children's bookstore offering Sunday story-telling with music and puppets performed by Scott the Storyteller.  The bookstore and Scott lived up to our expectations.  Christina spent an hour mesmerized, with bursts of laughter, and enthusiastic participation.  The grandparents were happy, so happy that we purchased a fairy-tale book, a CD of Scott's stories, a cheese burrito for her lunch, and topped off with an ice cream at Powell's.  It doesn't get much better than this!
Around Petaluma

Storytelling with Christina
We are settling in to our Petaluma routine, seeing local friends and fellow travelers who stop here en route, and doing our routine Kaiser stuff.  The referral came through for my chiropractor of choice, the consultation and x-rays completed, now the adjustments along with physical therapy has begun.  We won't get into the amount of degeneration, bone spurs and fusing, or dwell on the impressive 90 degree curve in my spine; obviously it can't be fixed, but hopefully with more muscle strengthening and some manipulation, I'll be able to maintain the active lifestyle I've grown accustom to!
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